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  • 24% Drama
  • 22% Action
  • 14% Adventure
  • 11% Crime
  • 10% Science-Fiction
  • 7% Fantasy
  • 13% Others
Kruciphix wrote a new episode review
18 hours ago
Watch Watchmen Online Season 1 Episode 1 It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice

RadiationBoy, ok sorry but Anyone who watches X-FACTOR ''IS A, NOT A ROCK N ROLLER AND B, DOESN'T HAVE A LIFE OR C, ARE OVER 60. Siman twat pants!!!!'' Comon Really you do realize that everyone has different taste you can't judge someone by what they are watching.... Just stop making comment like these pls....You talk trash about one another but you're all no better then the people you talk trash about... This is my only reply on this and from now on i will only comment about the shows not anything else on this web site (exept about the links). I hope you will do the same now.

Kruciphix Watched an Episode
a day ago
Kruciphix Watched an Episode
a day ago
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